Several years ago, 68% of Upper Dublin voters approved a $30 million dollar bond issue for Open Space. This money can be used for purchasing parkland, trail building, as well as obtaining land development rights and, protecting undeveloped land from being built upon. The Braccia tract with access from Butler Pike has been renamed Rose Valley Preserve. I’m excited about the plans they have for it, and how accessible it is to Ward 2 residents. Purchasing this land has kept open an area which would have likely had over 25 homes on it causing additional flooding downstream which would mean that your taxes would have had to rise to deal with the problems created. The plans which are subject to full Board of Commissioner review and funding constraints include a walking and bike trail. It won’t be another Mondauk Common but will provide more options for all of us. I am proud to be part of the team that believes by improving our quality of life we are also increasing the value of our homes.

A few years ago, the Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to approve the purchase of a conservation easement and restricted covenant for 115 acres at LuLu Golf Club. If this land were purchased by a home developer, over 200 homes could be built! This could have serious implications for traffic congestion, storm water management in the already afflicted office park, and overwhelm our school system. Just think of the impact an extra 400 children would have on your taxes. That is the size of an entire elementary school. Along with preventing this land from being developed, the township would also have the right of first refusal should LuLu ever decide to sell the entire property.